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Worldwide Marriage Encounter, April 13-14

"Give, and gifts will be given to you; a good measure, packed together, shaken down, and overflowing, will be poured into your lap." Give the gift of your love to your spouse by attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend. The next Weekend is Apr 13-14, 2019 in Brewster, MA. For more information, call Stephen and Michelle O'Leary at 800-710-9963 or visit them at https://wwmema.org/.

Letter from Fr. Souza on Faith Formation Plans for Our Young People   

Click Here to read Fr. Souza’s letter outlining exciting plans for religious education in our parish!

Welcome Jim Leonard

From Fr. Souza: We are delighted to announce that Jim Leonard has joined the OLF staff as director of youth ministry. Please make it a point to introduce yourself to him when you see him. I’m sure that Jim’s presence will help grow our parish family. Jim comes to us from Abington, MA and has spent the last five years professionally ministering to junior high and high school aged students. Jim received his Bachelor Degree in Theology and Business from Saint Anselm College, and then his Master of Secondary Education from Providence College.  He is currently finishing his second Master's degree in Theological Studies from Saint John’s Seminary. Previously serving as a youth minister, theology teacher, and campus minister, Jim is thrilled to be working directly in a parish again to serve the youth and help to form faith-filled disciples of Jesus Christ.

Faith formation does not end with Confirmation, as we can always deepen our relationship with and love of God.  In our spiritual lives, we can only move towards or away from God; there is no middle option, since luke-warmness is a  movement away from God . Each of us needs to put in the effort to ensure that we and our families are moving closer to God. I look forward to sharing more about youth and adult faith formation activities as they take shape. 

A Call for Fathers

We invite you to join other young fathers in our parish as we strive to become better husbands, fathers, and Christians. We believe that the faith is the first principle and foundation of our lives, and it is our call as fathers to help that faith to grow in our lives and the lives of our families. Since we don't want to take away time from our families, we've committed to begin our meetings early! Sacrifice an hour of sleep and join us on Saturday mornings at 6:30 AM in the rectory. Any questions email josh@tremontlabs.com.

The Sudbury Community Food Pantry Needs Volunteers

The Sudbury Community Food Pantry, which serves clients from 61 cities and towns, is open to clients in Hurley Hall at Our Lady of Fatima Parish on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from noon to 2:30. During each of those afternoons, we try to have 5 volunteers working directly with the clients, basically acting as one-on-one personal shoppers. If you can volunteer just one Tuesday or Thursday afternoon a month, (from about 11:45 to 2:30) that would be great. Volunteers mostly range in ages from their 20s to 70s. We are also looking for someone to act as our Volunteer Coordinator, making sure we have 4-5 volunteers to handle each of these shifts. The job should take 3-5 hours a week, working from your home, and involves phone calls, emails, and being able to send out scheduling polls to confirm the availability of our volunteers on a monthly basis. You will get whatever training etc. you need from the person currently doing the job. For more information, please contact either Deborah Oppenheimer deb.oppenheimer@gmail.com or Pat Mullen p_mullen@msn.com or visit our Web site http://sudburyfoodpantry.org/

A Touch of Grace: Mind, Body, Mediation & Prayer

TOUCH OF GRACE has a class for you. This New Year we invite you to come and experience the many benefits of finding God near. We come together in the classes to practice in mind and body, opening ourselves to God’s Word so that we might not only know God but experience more fully His presence in our lives through the power of the Holy Spirit. The benefits of our practice include a deep, restful sleep, reduced stress and tension, increased energy and a sense of well-being, increased strength, performance and productivity, improved focus and attention, improved cognitive function and mental clarity, improved memory and creativity, improved immune function, decreased anxiety and depression and ability to achieve your ideal weight.  For more information about class schedule and class descriptions please Click Here or contact Mary Jo Ricketson at maryjoricketson@gmail.com or call: 508-577-5795. Classes are ongoing. You can join at any time.

The OLF Community Outreach Ministry

After much reflection and discussion by our Parish Council, our Finance Council, and our parish staff, a Community Outreach Ministry was established at Our Lady of Fatima. Our parishioners are very generous. Your actions show that your deep faith has called you to share and care for those in need. We established this ministry to be more deliberate and intentional in extending care and assistance to our sisters and brothers in need. In doing so, we intended to follow the guidance of Our Lord from the Beatitudes (MT 25:40): “Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did for one of these sisters or brothers of Mine, you did for me.” We also knew we would be building on the strong foundation of over six decades of community outreach by our parish. For the first year of this ministry, we identified a number of community programs to support, including the Sudbury Food Pantry, a Jail Diversion Program, and an Eviction/Homelessness Prevention Program.  It is because of your example and generosity that we can provide assistance to these programs, which directly and dramatically improve the lives of our needy sisters and brothers.  Thank you!  

Collaborative Update and Timing

In 2012, the Archdiocese of Boston began a decade-long process of pastoral planning.  Especially because there are not enough priests to lead all the parishes of the diocese, the process seeks to unite parishes into collaboratives led by one pastor and one pastoral staff.  Since 2012, the Catholic communities of St. Bridget in Maynard and St. Anselm and Our Lady of Fatima in Sudbury have had the joy of gathering in prayer, fellowship and collaboration as we anticipate becoming a collaborative.

The Archdiocese is has announced the timing of implementation of most of the remaining collaboratives. Our collaborative will officially commence in 2021. Until that time we will continue to pray, work, and gather together as we prepare to become a collaborative. You can find more information about this process at www.disciplesinmission.com.  Please keep the Archdiocese of Boston and this pastoral planning process in your prayers as we journey together in Christ.

Christ Alive Women's Bible Study Tuesday Mornings

The Christ Alive Women's Bible Study meetings takes place Tuesday mornings from 9:45-11:45 AM in St. Joseph’s hall. The study for this year will explore women of the New Testament taking into consideration the historical circumstances of the event described and how Jesus approached the situation, pondering the implications of Jesus’ actions, and praying together. For more information email Deanna Sklenak at djs_42@verizon.net

Live Streaming of our Masses

We are delighted that we have implemented the technology to allow us to live stream our Masses via our parish website.  This is a special service to our parishioners who are ill, home-bound, traveling, or otherwise unable to come to the church. We stream each of our weekend Masses. We also offer streaming to families for baptisms, weddings, and funerals. This allows family members to be present through prayer and worship over the Internet. We ask God to bless this wonderful tool of faith formation and evangelization.






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