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Child Safety

Child Safety Program

Our parish is participating in a personal safety and abuse prevention education program for Grade 1 through Grade Five  sponsored by the Archdiocesan Office of Child Advocacy.   In full appreciation of parents as primary educators of their children, our goal is to partner with parents in providing our children with the best information and skills for personal safety.

For our Child Safety Program we will be using the “Stay Safe” Personal Safety Skills Program—a program designed to address safety issues related to the needs of children in an age appropriate manner. 

This program is based on the following elements:


  1. Nurturing children’s self-esteem
  2. Building children’s confidence
  3. Enabling children to be assertive
  4. Helping children to identify and express their feelings
  5. Helping children to distinguish between safe and unsafe situations and telling a parent or trusted adult about unsafe situations

This program will be presented in two parts.  The first part, items 1 – 4 above, will be presented in the children’s regularly scheduled class by his/her catechists.  Part Two [item 5 above] will be presented to the children the following week,  For this meeting the children will meet together in the Parish Center during their regular class time. Grade 4 will watch a video on Stranger Safety.


1. Safety in Public Places

2. Resisting Peer Pressure

3. Skills for getting out of a “tight spot”

This program will be presented in two parts.  The first part, items 1 – 3 above, will be presented in the child’s regularly scheduled class by her/his catechists.  The followong week the fifth graders will watch a video on Internet Safety.   

A major component of the Stay Safe Program is parent involvement.  Parents are more than welcome to be present at these sessions.  Children learn more about safety and are more likely to follow safety guidelines when they have multiple opportunities to practice and talk about safety with their parents and family.  Your child learns more from you than anyone else!

As always, parents have the option of keeping their child out of these sessions if they wish. If you have any questions or concerns pleas do not hesitate to contact the Religious Education Office.



Child Safety Lessons

Lesson 1 Grade 1-2

Lesson 1 Grade 3-4

Lesson 1 Grade 5

Lesson 2 Grade 1-3

Lesson Plan 1 Grade 5


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