Message Series

Message Series allows us to delve more deeply into a subject matter, over the course of several weeks, with the hope of growing as disciples and improving our parish life. Check the bulletin for upcoming series and we encourage you to invite family and friends! 

What Unites Us Message Series

We live in a world divided. By political alliance, religious beliefs, racial tensions and nationality. Snap judgments are commonplace based on misperceptions and misinformation. Our broken creation is aching for peace and healing that can only be achieved through the dignity we share as God’s children. In this series, we explore how we find the commonalities that unite us as children of God. Even though people see God differently, He sees all of us the same. 

The What Unites Us Message Series kicked off on Epiphany Sunday. The word epiphany means manifestation. The feast of the Epiphany marks the manifestation of Jesus to the all the nations, uniting those who were separated. May we, like the magi, recognize this joy in him and in others. The world depends on it.

We’re in week 2 of our Message Series, What Unites Us. Here, Father Gerald reflects on how we need to identify our own struggles so we can in turn heal others. May the waters of Baptism flow through all of our personal relationships.


Our Advent Series: Grace and Truth

Advent is a time when grace and truth enters the world in a special way: the arrival of Jesus. Many people struggle balancing grace with truth. We tend to be good at emphasizing one but not the other. Truth without grace isn’t actually truth… it’s about being right. Grace without truth isn’t really grace… it’s enabling or lawless.

 In this series, we hope that people move from thinking about grace and truth as an “either/or” to a “both/and” attitude. In the persons of John the Baptist, Mary, Joseph, and most perfectly, Jesus, we witness examples of living in both grace and truth. Each week, we identify the grace, identify the truth, and bring them together to bear on our decisions and actions to experience Christ more fully at Christmas.

Advent is like a spiritual desert where we make room for God by repenting of things that distract us from Jesus. In week 2 of our Grace & Truth message series, Father Gerald shares how repenting breaks bad behavior, turning us toward that which is good. What is one bad or distracting habit or action in your life that you can repent and give up this Advent?

In week 3 of our Grace & Truth message series, Father Gerald shares two more truths: God loves you, and you need God’s grace. It is impossible for you to get to heaven by your own strength, wit, or wisdom. Listen as we prepare for our Savior's birth.


Response. Ability. Message Series

As human beings we have freedom to act and react to life. We have the ability to respond to the events that happen to us. And how we choose to respond determines the course of our life. When you look back over the arc of your life to date, how you responded to certain situations, certain opportunities have shaped the outcomes. So over the course of this series, we are going to look at our ability to respond to God. We are going to look at taking greater responsibility for our walk with Christ. And specifically work to respond to God when it comes to prayer and when it comes to giving...the two main ways we honor God. 

In the first week of our Response Ability message series, Father Gerald explains that we must pray continually and never lose heart even when we feel like our prayer life is failing.Do you believe that if you enter prayer with a humble heart, God considers your petitions with mercy and compassion?

In week 2 of our Response Ability message series, Father Gerald challenges us to examine our heart. Are we the Pharisee who simply checks off the boxes but looks down on others. Or are we the tax collector who trusted in God and not himself. We have the ability to respond accordingly.

In week 3 of our Response Ability message series, the Gospel story of Zacchaeus illustrates the pain of greed and the response of joyful repentance. Father Gerald challenges all of us to look at our ability to give and encourages us to respond accordingly. It's a matter of our spiritual health.

In week 4 of our Response Ability message series, Father Gerald reminds us that our time here is short. Everything you have now you cannot keep, but everything you’ll have in heaven you cannot lose, so doesn’t it make sense to invest in eternity?


Breathing Room Message Series

God wants to give us a life of joy and peace and contentment and margin. He wants to give us breathing room. Breathing room is having space for relationships. It is having time in our schedule so we are not constantly running from event to event. Breathing room is having enough in our budgets to save and give. Breathing room is having enough margin to breath. However, our culture constantly pushes against breathing room and if we aren’t careful we pretty quickly find ourselves without breathing room. In this series we will look at how we can regain a little breathing room in our lives.

In week 1, Father Gerald explores the gap between the hectic pace of our lives and where we can create more breathing room. 

In week 2, Father Gerald discusses the difference between standard of living and quality of life and challenges us to look at where we spend our money. Does it serve us? Or does it serve others?


Sometimes in our pursuit for happiness, we add "more". More stuff, more activities, more debt. In week 3, Father Gerald asks us to consider what makes us pursue more and what do we need to say "no more" to?