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Small Groups are a vital part of the Our Lady of Fatima, Saint Anselm and Saint Bridget community. They offer a pathway to build meaningful relationships that help us to grow in our faith and as individuals. In our Small Groups, we share our experiences, our struggles and our commitment to bring our faith to our daily lives. 

Weekly questions are provided to facilitate discussion and are based on the recent Gospel and homily message. Groups of 6-12 meet weekly or bi-monthly, typically in the host's home; however during this time groups have moved online via Zoom technology. 

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Small Group Questions Week of September 20

Know Thyself Week One
The Gospel of Matthew 20:1-16

  1. What does it mean when Jesus said we are in this world, but we are not of this world? 
  2. The parable of the vineyard workers represents the different seasons of life where people come to know and follow God. Can you think of a season in your life when you came to know God? Is it different than deciding to follow God? 
  3. In this parable how did the landowner introduce a new kind of work? 
  4. Why does the landowner go to find more workers many times?
    What does this teach us about the kingdom of God?
  5. When he says he will pay “whatever is right” he really means “whatever is just.” What principles can we learn from the fact that they were all paid equally?
  6. What did Jesus mean when he said, “the first will be last and the last will be first?” 
  7. Why do you think we have a tendency to fall into the trap of comparison? 
  8. Have you ever felt treated unfairly, in compensation, praise or attention, knowing that you worked harder or were more deserving than others in the same situation? 
  9. What does it mean to be created in the Image of God?  And what does being a “person” have to do with this?
  10. What does this parable teach us about man? About the kingdom of God?