Spiritual Resources

"The meaning of faith is that we are not alone in times of challenge. Faith is the foundation of hope, and hope is the capacity to address the complex challenges of life without being overcome by them. They are gifts which yield courage. We nourish faith and hope, and therefore courage, through prayer in our houses of worship, in our communities and in our homes".

~ Cardinal Seán O'Malley 


Sunday Mass Worship Aid

We hope you can join us Sunday April 5 at 10AM for a private Mass that will be livestreamed on our homepage and our Facebook page. Below is a worship aid to follow along at home. 

Celebrating Mass at Home

We hope the following tips are useful in adjusting to this new form of worship. 

  1. Fully participate: try to minimize distractions at home (as much as you can) before the broadcast begins. 
  2. If you view Mass on Facebook, please engage with us. Like, comment, share. Staff members will be watching with you! 
  3. Watch and Worship. Sing, respond, kneel…as you would in church. There’s comfort in the familiar.  

The Biggins family celebrating Mass at home as a family. 

Homily Reflection 

Our Small Groups are continuing to meet via online video calls. For those of you who are not in a small group but would like to delve into the homily message deeper, below are questions from Palm Sunday, April 5th, for personal reflection and journaling. Father Gerald's latest Sunday homily can be viewed on our Message Series page. 

  1. What about Jesus’ Passion stood out to you? In His behavior? Or any of the witnesses? Do you see yourself in anyone in the narrative? 

  2. What helped Jesus persevere? Where could you see his humanity? And where did you see his divinity? 

  3. Despite the utter betrayal and denial of his disciples, Jesus demonstrated tremendous forgiveness and mercy, teaching us until the very end. Have you ever experienced this kind of betrayal in your own life? How does one model this kind of forgiveness? 

  4. Why do you think Jesus shouted, “My God, my God why have you forsaken me?” 

  5. As we accompany Jesus through his passion, death and resurrection, we are invited to transform with him and learn something about ourselves along the way. How does the story of Jesus’ passion and death affect you? How does this story strengthen your determination and perseverance during this difficult time? 

  6. “And behold, the veil of the sanctuary was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth quaked, rocks were split, tombs were opened, and the bodies of many saints who had fallen asleep were raised.” What is the significance of these supernatural events?  

  7. This week, we will celebrate the Lord’s Last Supper and institution of the holy Eucharist. When have you experienced the joy of the Eucharist at times other than the celebration of the Mass?   

  8. During these final days of Lent, in what ways are you ready to rise to the new life Jesus offers you? What areas of yourself or life still need work? 

  9. Reflecting on your Lenten experience in what ways has it been different than years past? In what ways has it been similar? 

  10. In his homily, Father Gerald gave thanks to modern technology that enables us to be together as an online community and reach those we might not have otherwise. Do you have any silver linings that you’d like to share with the group? 


Mass Prayers and Reponses for Children

To help get kids involved, our Faith Formation team provided this worship aid. 

The Angelus

This devotion commemorates the Incarnation. Traditionally recited at 6 AM, Noon and 6 PM, it is a powerful prayer of adoration of the divine invitation and initiative. It is also a wonderful way to add spiritual routine to your day. 

Magnificat Online 

Magnificat is a spiritual guide to deepen the prayer life of the faithful. Typically, there is a monthly subscription fee; however, the publication is offering a complimentary version during the current crisis. Magnificat Online 

Hallow App 

Hallow is a Catholic meditation app with a menu of prayers to choose from including those specific to morning, evening, daily Gospel readings, Rosary recitations and more. Hallow is extending their trial period to 3 months.  Hallow App

Spiritual Communion 

As you temporarily participate in Mass from home, you and your famiies are encouraged to make a daily spiritual communion, where we unite ourselves to Jesus through prayer.

It is a beautiful way to express to God our desire to be in communion with Him when we are unable to complete that union in the reception of Holy Eucharist. Many Saints were known to make an act of spiritual communion when they couldn’t attend Mass.


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