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Spiritual Resources

In this time of physical distance, may we remain connected spiritually. 


Hope Rising Week Three

Our Small Groups are continuing to meet via online video calls. For those of you who are not in a small group but would like to delve into the homily message deeper, below are questions from Sunday, May 24th, for personal reflection and journaling. Father Gerald's latest Sunday homily can be viewed on our homepage or under the Message Series section. If you would like to learn more about Small Groups, please contact us through this form

In this week's Gospel, Jesus asks that he may glorify the Father so that we may in turn glorify him. What did Jesus mean and should we glorify him? 

“I do not pray for the world but for the ones you have given me, because they are yours” What do you think Jesus means when he says this to the Father? 

Jesus’ whole earthly mission was directed to a single goal to redeem and draw all humanity to share in God’s eternal life. What does redemption mean to you? 

How are you living an eternal life now? 

How has your hope changed since mid-March?

How has your faith anchored you in the past months?

What do you hope for in the months ahead?

How can you carry the good habits that you formed in the past months forward as things slowly start to reopen?

Where do you feel the Holy Spirit stirring in your life right now?

Father Gerald talked about presumption as relying on me and hope relying on thee. Humanity was – and is – held captive to sin. In what ways might we be presumptive (relying on me) versus hopeful (relying on thee) in our future, our salvation? 

Father Gerald suggested that one way to protect yourself against presumption is to look to the needs of others before looking to your own and being grateful for the good others do for you. Does this resonate for you? Can you think of where this has played out in your life?

Is it possible that the pandemic represented a “tipping point” of sorts for humanity? 

Litany of Trust


In this time of pandemic, especially since public worship is difficult or impossible, we can still invoke saints and pray litanies. Popular devotions can help sustain our faith. We believe that we are part of the communion of saints and that their prayers are efficacious. The saints want to help us.

The Litany of Trust is a prayer composed by one of our Sisters, Sr. Faustina Maria Pia, SV. In it, we ask Jesus to deliver us from the things that hold us bound, and we place our trust in His promises. 

Divine Mercy Prayer 


Spiritual Communion 


As you temporarily participate in Mass from home, you and your famiies are encouraged to make a daily spiritual communion, where we unite ourselves to Jesus through prayer.

It is a beautiful way to express to God our desire to be in communion with Him when we are unable to complete that union in the reception of Holy Eucharist. Many Saints were known to make an act of spiritual communion when they couldn’t attend Mass.


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